GL HBay2

Powerful LED technology designed for high light output is combined with remarkable energy savings to make GL-HBay LED the smart choice for warehouses, manufacturing, gymnasiums, conventions centers, and other large, open commercial spaces.

GL-HBay LED provides high efficacy, reduced input wattage compared to HID or fluorescent, and the excellent lighting quality needed for task visibility, material characteristic and color differentiation.

Two wattage levels to replace 6-lamp T5HO, 8-lamp T8, 8-lamp T5HO and 750 HID.


• Optical design provides one-for-one replacement of metal halide
and fluorescent high bays with substantial energy savings
• Two LED color choices and 80+ CRI
• High efficacy LEDs provide up to 150+ Lumens Per Watt
• Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 (projected over 100,000 hours)
• Extremely low profile
• Quick and simple mounting systems
• Access cover in channel for easy wiring access
• “Plug and Play” occupancy and daylight sensors


• Warehouse
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Gymnasiums
• Conventions Centers
• Large Open Commercial Spaces

Specifications coming soon