Company Profile

Who We Are:

Founded in 1956, General Luminaire is one of the leading architectural lighting companies in greater China region.

Since 1999, General Luminaire has invested heavily in LED lighting development and we have transformed our self into a pioneer of LED lighting applications.

The experience of working with some of the most prominent lighting designers in the region and through resilient research and investment in LED technology, General Luminaire has been able to integrate and explore all key areas and applications of solid state lighting.

What We Do:

General Luminaire is an extension of your organizations and its capabilities.  We offer full ODM and OEM services and our light engine division is one of the best in Asia. Design, testing, fabrication, layout, prototyping, private labeling, powder coating, fixture assembly and more; we have you covered.

Our Advantage:

Our key advantage is our integration.  Our international team of sales, design and manufacturing experts are here for you.  From concept to dock and everything in between, General Luminaire is capable of supporting you every step of the way.  Whether your project is in the early concept stages or you have a full OEM package ready to submit, General Luminaire will work with you to fulfil your requirements and strive to exceed your expectations.


The key to General Luminaires success has been the company’s constant innovation and relentless commitment to R&D.

With dozens of patents to its name and a strong base of optical design, power electronics and mechanical design technologies, General Luminaire is today one of the most modernized LED lighting facilities in the world.

General Luminaire is also committed to our ever expanding talent pool of dedicated and highly skilled employees with some of the best electrical, electronic, optical, mechanical and design engineers under one roof.

Research & Development:

General Luminaire produces world-class LED lighting technologies and customer focused R&D to answer the needs of the industry. Our R&D efforts traverse five main technological areas as General Luminaire not only produces its own product design and has dozens of patents, it also leverages the expertise of associated companies and strategic partners through comprehensive collaboration.

Our substantive R&D resources are continuously devoted to bringing innovation and creativity to our customers. General Luminaire R&D center is located in Shanghai China and it has a highly qualified international teams of optical, electronic and mechanical R&D experts to cultivate the latest technology developments and market trends.

As a result, General Luminaire has succeeded in building a portfolio of exceptionally innovative products.


General Luminaires factory in Kunshan, China is currently one of the largest factories in East China totally dedicated to high-quality LED lighting technology.

With an international R&D team bringing expertise from around the world, General Luminaire is at the forefront of product innovation.

The production lines employ advanced digital production and automation processes supported by our international QC team and production engineers.

Our team works with you each step of the way from design inception to product on the dock.

Contact Us:

Address: Minhang, Shanghai, China



Phone: +86 21-5440-9085